Inspiring Connections Across Divides
on the uS-Mexico Border


Abara supports initiatives addressing the most pressing practical needs and issues on the frontier. Currently, we support churches and other groups serving as temporary shelters for asylum-seekers on both sides of the border. We connect and organize for a more effective distribution of supplies and volunteers.


Abara Border Encounters are 2-5 days opportunities for first-hand border awareness & immersion experiences that lead you to a deeper understanding of border realities from a variety of perspectives. Click the link below for more information on scheduling your Border Encounter.


Abara seeks to connect with similar-spirited organizations on the US-Mexico border and along migrant pathways from Central America by navigating and connecting migrant shelters and organizations across various countries and regions that have supported and continue to support migrants throughout their journeys.

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Abara's Mission

Abara exists to cultivate opportunities for understanding, serving, and loving across divides through education, encounters, and response. Today, Abara is focused on accomplishing our mission by:

  • Facilitating encounters on the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso & Ciudad Juarez
  • Resourcing and connecting migrant shelters on both sides of the border
  • Collaborating with other organizations East to West along the U.S.-Mexico border and along the migrant pathways from Central America

Abara means “ford” in a number of semitic languages, signifying a developing pathway or a natural place where a river is shallow enough to cross. Our desire is to cultivate space where people move in humility across divides, learn from each other, and jointly address pressing concerns in love.

Our Passion

Supporting a community of peacemakers who seek to understand and reconcile across divides, transforming conflict into peace.

Supporting Shelters
Understanding Patterns
Reaching Out in Faith
Offering Helping Hands
Meeting Practical Needs

Will We Respond?

Abara is Inspiring connections & Supporting Response

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