Border Response

Responding to the Need

Abara was founded to respond to the needs of asylum seekers, in part, by supporting and increasing the capacity of the local temporary migrant shelters by:

  • Collecting donations to purchase the most pressing needs: such as air conditioning units, bunk beds, clean water, etc. It costs about $600 to purchase one air conditioning unit, $100 for a new bunkbed, $50 for one day of clean water per shelter. Click here to donate now.
  • Collecting/purchasing, storing and distributing items to shelters as needed: items in the highest demand include simple travel bags with necessities, toiletry kits, children’s items, specific clothing, cleaning supplies, and kitchen items…Click here to find out how to donate.
  • Supporting professionals in providing general legal orientations and updates to asylum seekers: Information and instructions for asylum seekers, on how to legally enter the country, changes constantly. Abara supports professionals who help orient and inform asylum seekers on any changes to the system. The cost for this support is $100/day. Click here to donate. 
  • Border Encounters: Come Join Us For A Two To Five Day Encounter To Immerse Yourself In The Realities Of The US-Mexico Border As You Explore, Listen, Serve, and Reflect! Click here to find out more.
  • Serving as a supportive communication and logistics hub: develop relationships with stakeholders, gain an understanding of their needs (both supplies and volunteers), and communicate these needs to the other shelters, the El Paso community and others around the United States.
  • Equipping churches/entities to become more effective shelters: gather existing materials, process information, solicit best practices, and distribute training manuals in order to support temporary shelters. Provide volunteer recruitment and training materials.
  • Supporting churches/entities in activating their networks: develop templates, share best practices and support entities as they seek to engage and activate their broader faith communities to support the effort. For example, a Lutheran church could approach the other Lutheran churches in El Paso, their regional synod, their national denomination, as well as any denominational entities that work in immigration, relief or development work.

Are you ready to get involved?

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