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Three Ways to Donate

Donate Items & Supplies

One of the ways that Abara is actively serving on the US/Mexico frontier is to connect shelters and other organizations with the resources they desperately need to serve asylum seekers. Click the link below for a currently list of items and supplies that these organizations are currently requesting.

Donate Financially

A tax deductible financial contribution to Abara will help support local shelters and other needs. It costs about $40/day to provide the basic needs and shelter for one family. Most of the shelters in Juarez need help paying utilities, and some are looking to renovate new facilities to expand their efforts.
Make checks payable to:
Abara, Inc.
1228 Wyoming Ave.
El Paso, TX 79902

Donate Your Time

Many people are looking for ways to volunteer their time. Because this situation changes from day to day, short-term volunteer opportunities are limited. However, we do recommend that you take part in a Border Encounter where you will learn to identify and discern the best way to volunteer on the border or back in your own hometown.

Donate Stock

If you’re interested in donating stock or mutual fund shares, please see the information below. Donations can be made to Abara Inc via Stock Donator whose account is held at Fidelity Investments. Please keep in mind that if you’re 70 1/2 years old or older, you may be able to make a tax-free charitable contribution from your IRA account to a 501c3 organization such as Abara Inc. Tax-deductible receipts for stock and mutual fund gifts are provided via Stock Donator.

It takes $40/day to provide the basic needs and shelter for one family

inspiring connections and supporting response on the US-Mexico border

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