From the Desk of Abara Summer Intern, Emily Cox

The Best Four Weeks of My Summer!

Interning with Abara gave me an irreplaceable experience that I am never going to forget. My time with Abara helped me gain new skill sets in research, collaboration, and non-profit work, and it gave me the chance to refine competencies that I already had. More importantly, the opportunity to directly contribute to Abara’s mission of educating the public and uplifting migrants is one of the most fulfilling internship experiences I’ve ever had.

I’m a senior nursing student at the University of Arkansas, and I’m a student in the Arkansas chapter of Intervarsity, a multiethnic college campus ministry. Originally, Intervarsity was going to go to San Antonio for an urban missions project. However, because of COVID-19, we had to make the project virtual, which is how I got connected to Abara.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to get much out of the internship since it was going to be all online. However, once we were briefed on what projects we’d be working on, I couldn’t be any more excited! I had the opportunity to work on projects involving border encounter resources, grant research, and more, where I was aware of how my efforts would directly contribute to Abara’s development. It really feels like I did something worthwhile to help an organization that pursues justice.

I insist that this internship was more helpful than at least a few college courses that I’ve taken! Abigail gave us a presentation that made non-profit grant research easy to understand, Blanca educated us on creating sustainable, economic opportunities for migrants, and Jen connected us with staff, facilitated our internship, and made the whole process of interning online stress free! I was given lots of independence to work on my projects, which allowed me the freedom to be creative and build up my accountability skills.

Overall, I am so glad to be coming away with this experience with so many transferable skills for future non-profit work and even job opportunities. I learned more about the immigration crisis and the harsh cruelties that face migrants more than I ever could have alone, and I feel like my passion to see a world where immigration justice is achieved has grown so much more impassioned after this internship. I can definitely see how pursuing immigration justice will be more deeply integrated in my life from now on. I have a solid “starting point” in non-profit work now, and I really hope I can work with this amazing organization again in the future. Thank you Abara! 

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