Jen Foliaco


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Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Jen studied Political Science and Spanish in college before moving to El Paso just over two years ago.


Her internship as a Border Fellow allowed her to come on as our team's administrator, where she relishes in both the collaboration and the creativity of her work. While no day ever seems to be the same, Jen handles bookkeeping, sorts donations in the afternoons, and then works hospitality shifts at the border or in a shelter in the evenings.


If you happen to experience one of our Border Encounters, she's a welcome face there, and is otherwise always learning and connecting with like-minded justice and activism spaces in Ciudad Juárez/El Paso. 


When she’s not at Abara, Jen loves rock climbing, camping and any other opportunity to get outdoors with her partner, their family and their friends.


She loves reading, drinking good coffee and eating Indian food as well, and is squeezing in work towards her Masters in Spanish in any remaining time.