Who We are

What Is Abara?

Our Mission

Abara exists to cultivate opportunities for understanding, serving, and loving across divides through education, encounters, and response.

Today, Abara is focused on accomplishing our mission by:

  • Facilitating encounters on the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso & Ciudad Juarez
  • Resourcing and connecting migrant shelters on both sides of the border
  • Collaborating with other organizations East to West along the U.S.-Mexico border and along the migrant pathways from Central America


Our vision is an ever-growing community of peacemakers who seek to understand and reconcile across divides, transforming conflict into peace.

What Does Abara Mean?

Abara means “ford” in a variety of semitic languages, which is a developing pathway or a place where a river is shallow enough to cross. Our desire is to be a place where people and ideas come together to address pressing concerns in love.

Abara's services Currently Include:

Border Encounters

Abara facilitates El Paso Border Encounters, which are two to five day encounters to immerse yourself in the realities of life on the US-Mexico border as you explore, listen, serve, and reflect!

Border Response

We support initiatives addressing the most pressing practical needs on the frontier. We support churches and other groups serving as temporary shelters for asylum-seekers on both sides of the border.

Education & Advocacy

We are committed to educating faith leaders and organizations on the realities of migration and border issues, its impact on human life, and a response consistent with the teachings of the Gospel.


We seek to connect with organizations on the US-Mexico border and along migrant pathways from Central America, to connect migrant shelters and organizations across various countries and regions.

Our Values

  • Responsive: We respond to the emerging needs, conflicts, and crises that arise on the frontiers we serve.
  • Kind & Compassionate: We treat everyone with dignity and honor. We desire to listen, understand, and enter into the pain of others in order to break down barriers and uncover fears.
  • Courageous: We seek and share the truth. We are not afraid to interact with people with different views, backgrounds, or religions. We bravely seek to understand others, engage in difficult conversations, and challenge the status quo.
  • Inviting: We lovingly engage in conversations and interactions. We are a welcoming place for individuals to come together and dialogue across divides. We are bridge builders and peacemakers. We don’t write anyone off. We humbly listen and engage every stakeholder, even if we don’t agree with their view.
  • Curious: We are open-minded, willing to learn and grow. We ask why. We search for new ways of looking at issues. We participate. We create. We don’t believe that we have it all figured out.

Abara Inspiring connections & Supporting Response

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